Film on a Reel

We manufacture a high quality flexible, versatile film for Form, Fill and Seal machinery in three different formats providing packaging solution for various industries. Our products have been recommended by manufacturers of packaging machinery including The RM Group, Webster Griffin and Arodo.

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Single Wound Sheeting (SWS)

Specially formulated co-extruded film for ultimate efficiency on vertical or horizontal form fill and seal machines.

Following extensive research in the market place, our technical department has designed a film blend specifically to enhance the performance of this high speed form of packaging. The inner layer is designed to give a smooth operation when forming the tube, providing faster hassle free operation and the outer layer maintains the same low slip characteristics of our regular pillow sacks, giving secure stacking on the pallet for safe transportation and storage.

Centrefold Sheeting

A tuberlar film which is slit on one side for use on Form, Fill and Seal machinery which converts the film into bags immediately prior to the filling operation.

Centrefold Sheeting gives the advantage of greater flexibility on pack sizes and by eliminating the bottom seal provides superior impact resistance to shock load when packing the product. Our material blend is specifically designed to give optimum side seam formation by the customer providing faster production rates.

Layflat Tubing

Layflat Tubing is supplied for use on the most simple type of Form, Fill and Seal machinery where the bag is sealed and cut immediatly prior to the filling operation.

The advantage of this method of packing is that the bags are identical in form and strength to those traditionaly supplied ready to be filled by a manufacturer. This is supplied as a tubular film on the reel in all of our Xtrastrong blends.