Beat the Business Blues

As the bright lights of Christmas become a distant memory and the celebrations of a new year start to fade…..January takes on a hue of the winter blues.

One of the toughest months of the year, January is not only hard on us the consumers but it is also one of the toughest months for business.  During December the economy sees a buoyant rise as the spendthrift consumer happily shops for all the delights the festive season offers. However, as the dawn breaks and we see the light of an ever lasting January we shut up shop and huddle in the warm until the long awaited payday emerges, and although this helps us the consumer, its not good for business……. so what can we do?

Conduct a Survey – Now is a great time to involve your customers — let them help shape your business in 2016 by providing a greater understanding of their particular needs, and as a thank you for their time why not offer them a time-limited voucher which will make them feel valued, increase your winter sales and encourage repeat business.

Trim Expenses – It’s time to look at your outgoings, can you reduce your bills? electric, phone, insurance, shipping etc? is it cheaper to buy bulk now rather than smaller purchases throughout the year? remember everyone is looking to increase business at this time of the year too so a deal can be had!!  spending less will also improve your net income.

Network – Networking is vital to any business and whilst it’s quiet it’s a great time to meet new contacts and strengthen your brand.

Look for opportunities – January is also a time when desperate landlords make deals to keep premises occupied. If competitors are going bust or scaling back, it might be time to be more aggressive to widen your particular market share.

Learn – Make sure you are up to date with any technology and industry trends that will make your business a success. We are never too old to learn and increasing your knowledge and skills now will lay the groundwork for success in 2016, no matter what the economy does.

So how will you beat the January blues?






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