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“Technology” is often seen as a dirty word, forcing companies to update manufacturing equipment and processes to ‘keep up with the Jones’s’. However some advances,  such as those in communication,  have helped the small business to  SHOUT!!! about their services and products too (and as loudly as ‘the Jones’s’).

Although Websites are the most obvious choice for advertising your business, as customers (and people) most of us have also used social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest for personal use,  but have not considered these avenues to increase our business coverage. In a recent survey of businesses, which use social media, 92% of business owners indicated that it is an important part of their business and are continuing to re-allocate budgets away from traditional methods of advertising towards social media and other inbound marketing strategies.

In a recent campaign launched by Saatchi,  using micro-video platforms like Vine or Instagram, they had 50,000 likes and 26,000 reviews within the first 5 days of release, so is it time for businesses to get tweeting or Pinning?? I think so….. lets not waste the opportunities that ‘Technology’ exacts upon us and embrace our social side.




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