Our Products

With thirty years’ experience in the manufacture of polythene sacks, we are able to produce an innovative and diverse range of flexible polyethylene based packaging,which protect and secure a wide variety of products in a host of industry sectors, including Animal Feed, Coal, Compost, Construction and Chemical.

To produce our sacks and ensure they stand up to the toughest of demands, we operate a blown-film extrusion process. This process melts down small resin pellets under controlled conditions until they become molten. These are then extruded through a circular die gap to form a continuous tube of polythene. While it is still in this molten state, the tube is inflated and stretched to the size and thickness of the desired finished product. The inflated bubble of polythene is drawn vertically up a tower so that it has a chance to cool before it is flattened. Once flattened this tube can be printed if required, and the polyethylene sacks are made by heat sealing and cutting to the desired length.

Specialised Products

We can also provide more bespoke packaging through our sister company Polyplus Packaging including:

Static Control Packaging
Mailing Packaging/Mail Order
Resealable Bags
Anti Corrosion Packaging (VCI-CCI)
Deep Freeze Bags
Medical and Food Grade Bags & Sheeting
Chemical Waste Disposal Bags
Furniture Covers

  • Markets

    Agriculture, Horticulture, Coal, Building & Construction, Animal Feed, Chemical

  • Experience

    Established for nearly 30 years, manufacturing in excess of 5,000 tons of plastic

Heavy Duty Sacks

Pallet Covers

Design & Print

Specialised Products