The Changing Seasons

We’ve enjoyed an unusually long summer season this year with average temperatures around 22° C and although this has been good for all our gardens, social events and suntans it has a direct impact on sales for both our packers and distributors.

With the uncharacteristic temperatures it has proven good news for the aggregate, DIY and building trades who have continued to pack and sell past the usual wind down period,  however this news may not be so welcome for the coal and alternative fuel industries who may find the winter season cut short?

We have all seen changes to our environment over the last decade, which affects all our lifestyles and livelihoods that’s why Seevent are committed to looking into ways to reduce our impact on this precious resource. Part of those plans include reducing wastage and using more sustainable resources. Currently we recycle 100% of any waste produced at site and we are also looking into variants to offer our customers  a Green bag !!  so watch this space……………………………….



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