To Resolve or not to Resolve……

New Year and traditionally the time for making a Resolution!! did you make any? if so how many have you broken?

A survey of 2,000 people carried out in 2014 showed that 42% of participants set themselves a New Years’ Resolution, however, most failed. In fact, the study showed that almost two in three people didn’t succeed, but interestingly out of those who did achieve their resolutions three in four believed that sharing their goals, on a social networking site helped.

Although Social Media has revolutionised our ability to help and communicate let’s not lose the personal touch. For all of us out there that have failed miserably in keeping to our resolutions there is still hope !! we can all resolve to help each other, whether it’s checking on our elderly neighbours,  putting an extra tin in the food banks, helping our friends count calories, or like one of our customers, Lawsons, who are donating money for each bag sold to the MacMillan Appeal, we can all keep some promises!!!

‘Resolve to renew all your old resolves

and add a few that are new

Resolve to keep them as long as you can

what more can a poor man do…’